International Dog Day, Live Boston Style

Today, August 26, is International Dog day and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of our favorite images of the pups (both working and non-working) that we have had the pleasure of capturing.

Many people ask us what our favorite things to photograph are. Is it fires? Maybe shooting? How about car crashes? None of those would be correct. It’s the dogs. 100% with out a doubt the dogs.

Sometimes our photographers come back with entire cards just filled with puppy shots and who can honestly blame them!

We would like to give a special shout-out to the working K-9s and their handlers who are out on the street every day, rain or shine, around the clock working hard to protect us.

Whether it is in search of a gun that a criminal has hidden or helping find a lost child who has wondered off, these pups prove day in and day out they are some of, if not the hardest, workers around.

Heck sometimes we catch them at some less than professional times, but man, they are still heroes in our book.

So a big shout out to our furry friends on the front lines! Happy internal dog day from all of us here at Live Boston. We appreciate you!

As a bonus here are some of our favorite non-working-dog shots as well!