Happy Ending Courtesy of Boston Police for a Missing 4-Year-Old Girl

Overnight a 4-year-old girl is found safe and reunited with her family after Boston Police conduct an extensive search in Roxbury early this morning.

The young child went missing sometime around 02:30 hours when she got up, got herself dressed in her best outfit and went for a stroll. When the family discovered her missing they immediately called 911 and Officers from Boston Police District B-2 responded.

For nearly two hours Officers searched the areas surrounding her home. City-Wide EDTs and K-9s were called into assist and add extra manpower to the search.

Eventually through social media it became apparent that a family had located the girl and had her safe and sound in their home. They had posted on social media that they had found her however seemingly did not think to call 911.

Once officers located the child, she was reunited with her parents and taken by Boston EMS to a local area hospital to be checked out. Adorably after being found the young girl refused to let go of the hand of the Police Officer that found her, even convincing him to skip to the ambulance with her before saying goodbye.

All in all, it was a truly spectacular effort by everyone involved, the officers and many community members, including a group of young men and women who put their party on hold and came out to search for the young girl. A happy ending that so often isn’t reported.