Knife-Wielding Man Attempts to Attack Boston EMT at Crime Scene Overnight

A Boston EMS EMT is rattled but luckily unharmed this morning after a man pulled a knife on and lunged at him on Blue Hill Ave last night at approximately 23:45 hours. The man who has been identified as Kion Thomas, 43 years old of Dorchester was arrested on charges of Assault on an Emergency Medical Technician.

The man walked up to the EMT and proceeded to produce a knife, opening the blade and then took a couple steps forward before lunging at him. Luckily the EMT’s training kicked in, he quickly averted the man’s attempts to get closer and called out for help.

The most shocking part of this incident is that it happened feet away from a crime scene that the ambulance was parked next to with multiple Officers on scene. It is still unclear at this time why the man chose to try and stab the EMT.