Window Washers Rescued by Boston Fire After Platform Malfunctions on the 42nd Floor of The Sudbury Downtown

Earlier today, April 7th, at approximately 12:15 hours Boston Fire, Boston EMS and Boston Police Officers from District A-1 responded to 100 Sudbury for a high angle rescue.

Multiple 911 calls had reported that a window washing platform had malfunctioned about 42 floors above ground level and the two workers had become stuck on the precariously secured structure.

Firefighters and technical rescue specialist responded to the building, known as “The Sudbury” and began to build a plan on how to rescue the trapped windwashers.

The two workers, both males in their 30s, were secured to the platform, but due to the malfunction it was unknown on how stable and how long the platform would remain in place.

Firefighters created anchors inside a residence on the 42nd floor, and then removed a window in order to access the men.

Through teamwork and skill, both men were successfully rescued. They were evaluated by Boston EMS on scene and both miraculously were uninjured. No further information is available at this time and the incident remains under investigation.