Prominent Boston Lawyer, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Current B.C. Law Professor Arrested on Methadone Mile for Sex Crimes

Last night, shortly after 18:30 hours, Boston Police Officers from the Human Trafficking Unit and Street Outreach Unit as well as members of Massachusetts State Police High Risk Victims Unit were in the area of Methadone Mile as part of the ongoing task-force operation aimed at reducing the demand of commercial sex in the area of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard. While conducting surveillance, investigators spotted a grey colored Infinity sedan pick up a suspected sex worker on Peirson Street, near Allerton Streets.

The woman, who at this time has not been charged or identified, entered the suspects vehicle before the pair traveled a short distance to the public parking garage in the South Bay Shopping Center. After investigating the vehicle and interviewing the passenger, the task-force were able to arrest Bruce Singal, 73, of 79 Woodchester Street in Newton on charges related to soliciting prostitution.

Signal, however, is not just your average ‘John’. He is in fact a very well known lawyer in the New England Area, who previously held the position of Assistant United States Attorney and Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before beginning his private practice career, according to his biography page on the site of the law firm Hinckley Allen.

In the police report obtained by Live Boston, investigators document the moment they approached Singal and the unnamed woman in extreme detail, “As Detective Williams approached the vehicle he could clearly observe through the unobstructed vehicle windows the female in the front seat who was leaning over to the drivers lap area with her head moving in a upward and downward motion.” 

The report does not stop there, “The operator’s attention was drawn down to his lap area as well and was completely oblivious to Detective Williams approach. As Detective Williams approached the driver’s side of the vehicle he could observe that the operator’s pants were down around his mid thighs and the female was performing fellatio on him. Detective Williams knocked on the driver’s window and announced his name and office and asked the operator to step out of the vehicle. Detective Williams who was now assisted by the other surveillance units remained at the driver’s door as the other investigators that approached the passenger side of the vehicle and requested the female to exit the vehicle as well. As the operator was exiting the vehicle his pants were still around his mid thighs and his erect penis was exposed. Detective Williams asked the operator to turn from the view of the public to conceal himself while he dressed himself.”

While investigators spoke to Singal, a quick interview was conducted with the female before she was transported from the scene to a location where she could receive services and guidance in an attempt to get her off the street. During that interview she told investigators about her relationship with Singal, which was documented in the report, “she was picked up in the Massachusetts Avenue area by the operator and that there was a verbal agreement that she would be paid $40.00 for a (hand job and oral sex). The female stated that she performed these acts with the operator previously on several occasions. The female described the operator as a “Germaphobe” and that sometimes they would utilize a condom but did not today. The female stated that the $40.00 was exchanged prior to her preforming the sexual act.”

During the on scene interview with Singal, the report noted that he immediately began apologizing to investigators for his actions, “repeatedly asked for lenience and consideration”. At one point in his attempts he went as far as to use the passing of his wife in April of 2020, as well as his status as a prominent lawyer, in a bid to avoid prosecution according to the documents. Towards the end of the interaction, when Singal realized he was not escaping the charges, the report states he “requested to speak with a supervisor. At this time Sergeant Detective Sullivan spoke with Mr. Singal who again asked for consideration on not being placed under arrest. At this time Sergeant Detective Sullivan reiterated the severity of the issue that has plagued not only this immediate area but the effect it has on victim’s nationwide.” Signal was then promptly transported to the District B-2 Station where he was booked. We have requested the booking photo from the Boston Police, but as of the time of publication have not received one. 

Most shocking in this incident is the lengthy resume of Bruce Singal, and his extensive news-worthy accomplishments. According to his LinkedIn, Singal spent two years as the Assistant Attorney General here in Massachusetts and eight years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney where he worked in multiple units including public corruption. Our team reached out to Boston College where Singal lists himself as an adjunct professional at the Law School as well as to Hinkley Allen the firm he is listed as a Partner. As of the time of publication, no response has been received from either. We additionally reached out to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, no response has been received from them either. Singal also is not a newcomer to press coverage, where he has been featured in numerous nation-wide publications for his high profile clients. 

Recently during an interview with the Boston Globe about politicians and their actions, Singal was referred to as a prominent Boston lawyer. Ironically, Singal went on to say in the interview that Trump’s actions as President should be “bound by the same rules” as everyone else. Singal then went on to say that as someone “who has prosecuted and who has defended corruption cases, when I see the president clearly trying to block and impede an investigation into himself, then I ask myself why he should not be held accountable like the people I prosecuted and defended for doing lesser things.”

Now that Singal is the one facing charges, it seems he wishes he had a little consideration and leniency. Signal is expected to be arranged in Roxbury District Court at a later date.