The Boston Local 718 Firefighter and Family Cancer Foundation announced that they are yet again hosting their famous Derby Party next month! The event wich is hosted by this amazing nonprofit is to raise money to support members of the Boston Fire Department who are diagnosed with occupational cancer. With a loaded silent auction, raffle, and best dressed competition (Derby attire strongly recommend) this event is a can’t miss!

According to the watchdog organization ‘Take No Smoke’ a Boston Firefighter is diagnosed with job related cancer on average once every three weeks.

The organization was founded by Dan Ranahan, a Boston Firefighter, and his colleagues, after Dan was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in the Fall of 2020. The support he received from members of the Boston Fire Department, family, and friends was profound. Dan was inspired to create an organization that provides the same experience and support for all members diagnosed with cancer.

Live Boston Executive Director Cam Goggins and the rest of the team are excited to support this incredible organization on another great event. Previously, The Boston Local 718 Firefighter and Family Cancer Foundation hosted the ‘Jakes Home Run Derby’ and ‘Night on The Town @ 224’. The Kentucky Derby Fundraiser will be held at Siros at Marina Bay on May 7th 2022 starting at 4:00pm. Tickets to the event can be purchased here!

Through fundraising efforts, the Boston Local 718 Firefighter and Family Cancer Foundation hopes to provide services to firefighters and families as needed. The goal is to eliminate the daily stressors that come with a cancer diagnosis and provide supports to firefighters and their families through mentorships, financial supports, meal plans, and more.